POMODORE@ is the main outcome of IMaToP project
Intelligent Management for high quality Tomato Production.


Where does POMODORE@ idea come from?

POMODORE@ comes from the need of bridging the gap of inefficient management practices in tomato production while improving farm productivity and profitability.

Tomato producers using POMODORE@ system will be able to implement proactive and corrective actions as optimal irrigation and precise harvest tailored on live data and indicators gathered and compared with optimal standards required by the specific tomato variety.

It has impact on lowering energy consumption and contributes to increase the production yield and quality of tomatoes in the market.

It is very clear that if a soil for tomato production can be monitored in real time, it can bring remarkable benefits by enabling the optimization of the production yield and its quality.

The horticultural producers will be able to take correcting actions to avoid waste from deteriorated or immature product gaining profitability from the horticultural activities.


POMODORE@ is a Future Internet based application for monitoring data from wireless sensors and tags from tomato fields in real time. It consists in a decision web-based system using mobile data collection, alarms based on Complex Event Processing and Advanced Visualisation. It is composed from WSN and IoT (FI Ware based solution, FISPACE market place, other FIWARE tools supporting easy building of new applications and set of supporting tools (mainly coming from FOODIE project).
The system will be tested in Italy, Greek, Spain and Czech Republic.


Technical aspects



Generic Enablers selected

Based on the project requirements and testing results, the following Generic Enablers have been selected for the project:
• IoTBroker
• Orion Context Broker
• CEP Proton
• Cygnus (from BigData GE)
• GIS Data Provider
• KeyRock
• Wirecloud


The POMODORE@ system is addressed to tomatoes producers, who will be the key target market for their twofold role: as data suppliers (thanks to the network of sensors to be installed in their lands generating a flow of data gathered on the cloud) and data consumers (since they will take support from temperature and humidity data, elaborated on the platform and given back through POMODORE@ online application, in their decision processes). Howver, this system is scalable to other vegetables.

POMODORE@ Consortium


Lesprojekt sluzby is a Czech RTD SME with large experience in European and national projects. It is focused on mobile data collection generally and their integration with Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). It focuses mainly on collection of sensor data and their fusion with SDI.


Consulting SME based in Naples, ENCO takes part in the realization of national and international R&D projects, within the area of environmental management, agro‐food sector and logistics. ENCO works as service provider, providing hardware applications in the agro‐food sector.



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Project Credits

IMaToP is project co-funded by the SmartAgriFood and ICT-AGRI projects, funded by the European Commission’s ERA-NET scheme under the 7th Framework Programme for Research.

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Michal Šrédl, Lesprojekt Ltd
Czech Republic

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Marco de la Feld, Enco srl

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